皮普’s 剧院 program involves coursework as well as extracurricular rehearsals and performances.

The Lower School and Middle School 剧院 programs focus on improvisation, 脚本编写, 和创造力. 非正式和正式表演的机会很多.
All Sixth Grade students take a 剧院 course and put on a production that showcases the skills learned. Seventh and Eighth Graders have the option of choosing Theater as their Performing 艺术 course. In addition, they may audition for the Middle School 音乐al each spring.
Upper School classes perform 剧院 exercises based on dramatic texts taken primarily from American contemporary 剧院. The level of sophistication increases by grade level as students learn general 剧院 history and work with plays ranging from Greek tragedy to existential 剧院.


  • 部独幕剧
  • 春季音乐剧试镜
  • 集会上的非正式表演
  • 莎士比亚或其他古典作品
  • Newly renovated Riely Theatre includes state of the art lighting, sound, and scenic materials. 学生 also have the opportunity to learn technical 剧院 and production skills
  • A new “grey box” (flexible “black box”) space in the 皮普 Commons
  • Theater classrooms, dressing rooms, and offices beneath Riely Theatre


  • 菲利普·布朗 Nominated for Barrymore Award - Outstanding Lead Performance

    菲利普·布朗, 希普利高中戏剧导演, considers his portrayal of Jay Jackson in Lantern Theater Company's “皇家” 成为一生的角色.该剧获得了七项巴里摩尔奖提名, 包括戏剧最佳整体制作奖, with 菲利普 himself nominated for Outstanding Leading Performance in a Play.
  • 等高线绘制:专注和创造力的一课

    等高线绘制不仅仅是课堂练习, 它需要坚定不移的专注, 在艺术家和他们的主题之间建立联系, 在笔和纸之间创造一种独特的相互作用. A poignant reminder that art isn't merely about what we see; it's about how we see it and the stories we can convey through the lines we draw.
  • 《上帝在象形文字中:罗里·麦克阿瑟的艺术

    Explore the world of renowned artist Rory MacArthur at The 斯皮尔画廊 in a mesmerizing exhibition on loan from the West Collection. 探索麦克阿瑟的象形文字和抽象之旅, 他在哪里用颜色制作完美的象形图案, 形状, 表面, 在一个充斥着符号的时代.
  • 丰富希普利表演艺术课程

    努力丰富希普利的戏剧艺术课程, 重大变化正在进行中, touching every aspect of the program—from personnel to scheduling. Learn more about the exciting changes underway in 皮普's 戏剧艺术.
  • 工作室艺术3H中的抗议艺术:制作信息的艺术

    "How can we use the language of art to explore our feelings and beliefs? 我关心的是什么?我怎样才能把这个想法变成现实? 我想要传达什么?" These are just a few of the questions that 皮普’s Studio Art 3 Honors students grappled with as they completed their protest art assignments. Learn more about this project and  how students discover their voice as artists to speak about something they care about.
  • 希普利荣誉组合赢得全国爵士音乐节第一名

    The 皮普 Honors Combo won first place in the Small Ensemble Division 2 category at the National Jazz Festival, held April 22 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Trumpeter Aidan Peterson ‘24 won an Outstanding 音乐ian Award and also earned the Judge’s Choice Award.
  • 聚焦于低年级音乐合奏节目

    皮普’s Lower School music program offers a one-of-a-kind musical education to its young learners, 在一个真正的音乐合奏体验的高潮. In fourth grade, students can learn to play three different instruments. 该计划的长期利益和目标有很多, extending beyond the classroom and into the lives of students and their families.
  • 来自《灯塔报》:刻薄的女孩将会完全被抢走!

    今年的高中春季音乐剧是 坏女孩这部电影改编自2004年的经典电影. 希普利戏剧明星和 灯塔 writer Colin Harkins ’23 tells us why audiences should be excited to see the show March 2-4, 2023年在莱利剧院上演.
  • From the 灯塔: 皮普 Theater Department Joins Broadway Green Alliance

    皮普’s 剧院 program is excited to announce that it will partner with Broadway Green Alliance, a corporation that tries to bring more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into 剧院s all around the country. 阅读这篇最初发表在 灯塔 学生报纸.



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十大信誉菠菜平台是一所私立学校, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, 位于布林茅尔, PA. 通过我们对卓越教育的承诺, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.